Teaching Experience

Lecturer in Musicology, Washington University in St. Louis

Spring 2021, 2022, and 2023: Music History I (to 1700)

Lecturer in Musicology, Maryville University

Fall 2021 and 2022: Music in Western Civilization I (to 1750)
Spring 2022 and 2023:
Music in Western Civilization II (1750-present)

Lecturer in Musicology, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Fall 2020 and 2022: History of Music II (1750-present)
2019-2020: Graduate Music History Review, Introduction to Graduate Study in Music

Guest Lecturer, Saint Louis University

2019: “Storytelling in Sound” (Religions of the World: Senses and Stories), “Writing in Dialogue” (Theological Foundations)

Instructor of Record, Duke University

20162017: Sound in Sacred Spaces (first-year writing seminar), Collegium Musicum (early music vocal ensemble)

Teaching Assistant, Duke University

2013-2016: Music, Social Life and Scenes (cross-listed with Cultural Anthropology), Composers of Influence (first-year seminar), Music History I (to 1600), Music History II (1600-1800), Making Music Today (first-year seminar), Collegium Musicum (early music vocal ensemble)