Teaching Experience and Goals

Teaching Experience

Instructor of Record:

  • Sound in Sacred Spaces (writing-intensive version), spring 2017. Syllabus available here.
  • Collegium Musicum (early music ensemble), fall 2016. Program available here.

Teaching Assistant:

  • Music, Social Life, and Scenes (cross-listed with Cultural Anthropology), spring 2016
  • Composers of Influence (freshman seminar), fall 2015
  • Music History I (to 1600), spring 2015
  • Music History II (1600-1800), fall 2014
  • Making Music Today (freshman seminar), spring 2014
  • Collegium Musicum (early music ensemble), fall 2013

Courses for which I have prepared syllabi:

  • Sound in Sacred Spaces (a version with increased focus on ethnographic scholarship)
  • The Art of Solo Song
  • Writing About Music

Courses in development:

  • Music in Fantasy Fiction
  • Music in Science Fiction
  • Sex and Gender in Tudor Music
  • Early Music in Contemporary Culture
  • Christianity and Music
  • Theology on Broadway
  • Do you hear the people sing? A practical guide to Christian congregational song
  • Sound and Spirituality

Teaching Goals

My future teaching goals are threefold: I hope to teach the core music history sequence, particularly the early music section; I want to develop courses that extend from my research interests in early music and sacred music; and I find particular enjoyment in interdisciplinary undergraduate seminars for non-music majors.

Because my research interests are so broadly interdisciplinary, many of the courses I hope to teach someday are too, and many could be cross-listed with departments of English, History, Religious Studies, or Theology. I have been delighted to discover that my hobbies—the Broadway musical, and fantasy and science fiction literature—can serve as the spark for accessible, appealing classes that still get at the questions of audience, readership, and theological significance that underlie my research.