Current Research Projects

Elizabethan and Early Jacobean Praises of Music, edited collection under contract with Routledge

This edited collection, co-edited with Katherine Butler, examines the “praise of music” literature prominent in late sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century England: writings defending music (and especially church music) from those who opposed it on moral and theological grounds, The book presents essays and critical editions to enable sustained thematic analysis of the genre as a whole. Most notable among its editions is the anonymous early Jacobean Praise of musick manuscript (BL Royal MS 18.B.xix), not currently available as a critical edition, alongside new editions of several shorter “Praise of Music” texts currently available separately in out-of-print texts. Accompanying the editions are nine essays by musicologists and English literature scholars which offer a broad range of perspectives on the praise of music genre, including political function, social ethics, humanist philology, medical philosophy, Protestant theology, and connections with medieval music theory, thus giving insight into the state of early modern English musical thought and its primary debates.

Reading The Whole Booke of Psalmes

In this, my first monograph, I examine the English Reformation’s primary hymnal from the perspective of book history and the history of reading, considering how this popular book was read, what readers were instructed to learn from paratextual materials, and what we can learn about Elizabethan publishers and typesetters by reading it closely ourselves.