See below for selected written feedback from students and observers. Please contact me for complete PDF copies of evaluations.

Selected Student Comments

“Sound in Sacred Spaces”

  • “This course was VERY well organized, and all the requirements were extremely clear.”
  • “Professor Arten made sure that the material was effective.”
  • “I thought professor Arten was great. She always came to class prepared and was very fair with due dates and work. She always gave feedback and genuinely cared about our growth as writers”
  • “Of all of the classes that I have taken, this was by far the most intellectually stimulating and serious. I loved it.”
  • “The professor was amazing and very engaged in the course. She was knowledgeable on all of the material and was a very fair grader.”

Selected Observer Comments

“Sound in Sacred Spaces”

  • “Samantha’s demeanor is intellectually rigorous, yet remains accessible and responsive to students; she is doing important work with students and helping them cultivate intellectual curiosity and grow as academic writers and critical thinkers.”
  • “I was impressed by the robust and insightful discussion students had about their ethnographic observations, and Samantha’s thoughtful work in facilitating it. I thought that the list of reflection questions Samantha gave her students were especially fruitful, and I think my own teaching of ethnographic observation could benefit from providing similar questions to my students. As a result of Samantha’s reflection questions and time she provided for extensive written reflection, students engaged with theoretical concepts that went well beyond simple observation, and were clearly moving toward larger theoretical insights.”
  • “Samantha’s course content was rigorous and challenging, yet empathetic and accessible for first year students.”
  • “I was most impressed with how much Samantha accomplished in one 75-minute class, in a way that was paced smoothly and still  enabled substantive engagement with the class components.”

TA for “Making Music Today”

  • “In each of these [lectures], your expertise was authoritative, your anticipation of the students’ questions mindful, and your command of the classroom exemplary both of hard-earned skill and natural intellectual gifts. All of these gifts have made the class a better one.”